Wild Rose Beauty Balm & 18 Ways To Use It

Wild rose beauty balm is Neal’s Yard Remedies top selling product around the world and a multi-purpose balm that is the perfect product for every skincare issue you can imagine and helps to keep skin glowing all year around. I literally cannot say enough good things about this product. I use it for everything, from using it as a cleanser to hair treatment.  Since I tried it first time last winter my skincare routine has become so much simpler, no more 10 different products to keep my skin happy and healthy. And you will only need a small dollop of it in the evening, so the product will last long time even for everyday use.

Neal's yard remedies wild rose beauty balm

With a blend of oils from wild rose, jojoba, hemp, star flower, geranium, rosemary, frankincense and  patchouli combined to beeswax, shea butter and little more ingredients, this rose scented balm turns into perfect combination for your skin’s needs. Also with 99% of the ingredients being organically grown, the product is really a real luxury treat for your skin. Wild rose beauty balm comes in cute little box with a muslin cloth.

For me this product has become one of the main products of my beauty routine. I use it so many different ways that I decided to list 18 ways how you can use Neal’s Yard Remedies Wild rose beauty balm on your daily routine and when your skin needs some extra help to maintain it’s balance.

Neal's yard remedies wild rose beauty balm review


  1. CLEANSER apply a small amount to the face with circular motions and remove gently with muslin cloth soaked in warm water.
  2. MOISTURIZER add a small amount to your skin after toner to moisturize your skin.
  3. LIP BALM you can use wild rose balm for lips too!
  4. MAKE-UP PRIMER after toning, apply a small amount to face before applying your foundation for a healthy glow.
  5. SPOT TREATMENT apply directly to blemishes.
  6. FACIAL MASK clean and exfoliate the face, apply the balm with circular motions to the face. Cover your face with a muslin/cotton cloth soaked in warm water and let it be 15 minutes. Remove excess balm with the muslin cloth and apply face serum or toner to your face.
  7. HAIR TREATMENT apply a small amount of balm to tower dry hair, let it be for a moment (sauna and towel to cover your hair is the best place). To remove, rub well with shampoo before turning the water on in the shower  and rinse well with warm water. When you have removed excess balm from your hair, you can also rinse with cold water to get nice shine to your hair.
  8. ECZEMA apply to dry and irritated areas.
  9. SUNBURN after cold shower apply to all sunburned areas.
  10. NIGHT CREAM apply a small amount to the skin before sleep for an intensive overnight treatment. Remove excess balm at morning with a muslin cloth soaked in warm water and add some toner.
  11. SCAR TREATMENT apply to scars to help skin heal and minimize scar formation.
  12. CUTICLE & NAIL BALM helps to soften your cuticles and helps to grow strong nails.
  13. FOR BUG BITES helps to prevent itching, when applied directly to bug bites.
  14. HEEL SOFTENER wash and exfoliate your heels and add balm into the heels overnight.
  15. ELBOW & KNEE SOFTENER softens and removes dryness from your elbows and knees.
  16. EYEBROW SHAPER BALM helps to keep your eyebrows in shape, also moisturizes your brows.
  17. COMPLEXION ENHANCER when used regularly helps to enhance and maintain your complexion.
  18. BLACKHEAD REMOVER soak muslin cloth in warm water and cover your face with it for 5 minutes. Dry your face with towel and apply small amount of balm to your face. massage for up to 10 minutes to loosen your blackheads, you may feel when those little grainy blackheads come off. Remove with the muslin cloth rinsed in warm water.

wild rose beauty balm

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12 thoughts on “Wild Rose Beauty Balm & 18 Ways To Use It

  1. Gorgeous ideas! I love rose. I really like the tip for using it as a makeup primer because I have very dry skin…so the extra hydration will be awesome!

  2. I have never tried this but I love the organic ingredients and all the uses. Rose has many natural health benefits and one of my favorite ingredients for beauty and skin care.

    1. I really like that this product is made from 99% certified organic ingredients, and with wild rose 🙂 One of my favorite ingredients too.

    1. Thanks for commenting 🙂 I’ll have to try to make my own rose balm also.. I have made balms before, but not with rose yet 🙂

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