Natural Winter Body Care Routine

My natural winter body care routine is full of moisturizing products, that help to keep my dry skin hydrated and smooth in the coldest season of the year. Combination of hydrating body products, such as body scrub, body milk and body lotion. Occasionally I also use homemade scrubs, oil blends and salves to maintain my skin.

winter bodycare routine


Marine crystals revitalizing body scrub is made with 99.5% of ingredients from natural origin with 11.6% of organic ingredients. This scrub hydrates and helps to smooth and tone your skin. It helps to activate your skins blood circulation and cell renewal naturally with the combination of aloe vera sap, marine crystals and poppy seeds.

The Marine body scrub is suitable for vegans and has a fresh scent which smells like sea and flowers. It’s a little bit weird scent combination, but still really nice.

I use Marine crystals body scrub about twice a week to keep my skin looking fresh and moisturized, It’s nice that this scrub doesn’t dry my skin at all. I like to alternate between this and homemade body scrubs. You can use it at shower, rub gently on damp skin with circular motions and rinse with warm water. Apply some body lotion after shower to keep your skin hydrated all day long.

natural winter body care routine


Made with 99.4% of ingredients from natural origin with 21% of organic ingredients. This body milk protects, moisturizers and helps to soften your skin gently with aloe vera sap, tara seeds, shea butter and apricot kernel oil. It has a really sweet and lovely scent that comes from almond blossoms. This body milk is suitable for vegans.

I really like how this moisturizes skin without leaving it feeling greasy, your skin will be feeling silky smooth and smell amazing! I usually add this after showering on towel dry skin, one thing that I want to mention is that the body milk comes out of the tube really easily with too much product so don’t press the tube when adding the body milk to your skin.

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Neroli body lotion moisturizes, renovates and revitalizes the skin with combination of neroli, lavender and shea butter. It leaves your skin extra smooth and hydrated. This body lotion is great help for dry elbows and knees, I use it with almond blossom body milk to keep my skin moisturized. Apply after showering on towel dry skin on your dry spots like elbows and knees. Scent of this lotion is not so fresh, it has delicate lavender scent combined with warm scent that neroli has.

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What’s your natural winter body care routine?


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