Fiskars Village – Finland

One place in Finland where I always feel like I have entered to a different country by it’s beautiful architecture and nature is Fiskars. It is located at Raasepori, about an hour drive from Helsinki. This small village is full of beautiful old buildings that has been restored and given new purposes to create this at the same time very modern, artistic and still idyllic outcome. Also that old time feeling is still around.

Fiskars is full of small boutiques, shops, restaurants, chocolate shop, brewery & atelier. There are so much works to see from local artisans, designers and artists. Every year Fiskars is full of different kind of events such as firelight, when river that goes through the center of the village will be full of giant lanterns that light up the village at evenings. This years firelight has been decorated with animal theme, you can see few photos about this years lanterns below.  There are also a lot of art exhibitions, markets and food festivals. At summer there is also a music festival called Faces Festival, which is a meeting point for people from different cultures and backgrounds.

If you like spent time outdoors and want to see Finnish nature you can go mountain biking, stand up paddling, fishing or even camping. There are also lot of other beautiful places to adventure near the village as Raseborg castle, Billnäs, Svarta manor,  Ekenäs & Dagmar’s spring.

Only thing that I have many times thought is a downside when traveling to Fiskars is that some of the places are closed at afternoon so there is not always so much time to wander around this idyllic village, especially if you are not  morning person.

You can go check Fiskars Village webpage to see all events and things to do there. Here is also link to Visit Raseborg site, where you can see places near the village to visit.

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I really like to explore my own country, there is so much to see even at your own town or areas near to it! What’s your favorite place to visit at your home country?