Vegan Borscht & Sour Cream Recipe

It’s time to make some soup again! I love beetroot and wanted to create vegan borscht recipe for this winter, I already had my old borscht recipe, which I changed a little bit to make It easier to find all ingredients and to make it without having to go trough many different shops to find what you’ll need for making this soup.

At first I tried to look vegan options for sour cream, but it was so hard to find vegan option for it, so I decided to create my own version of it. At first I tried to make  sour cream with some coconut milk, lemon juice and salt (in pictures) blended together, but failed with that version. The texture of coconut sour cream was too thin and when I added that to hot soup it melted really fast. Then I tried to make sour cream with cashews, lemon and nutritional yeast and that combination turned out to be good.

This recipe is also very nice and easy to do, because you can get all ingredients really easily all year round, even if you are buying all ingredients organic. One thing that I want to mention is that beetroot will color everything pink! So be careful when you peel and grate them, also your hands will be pink, but don’t worry the color will fade in a day or two. Remember to be careful with all your kitchen fabrics like towels, table cloths or table linens etc. It’s harder to get that pink color away from fabric materials.

borscht recipe

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